When your dreams go down, level up. Paradox.

Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?

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Sitting - awake

What the hell was that?

If anybody feels like asking me anything about this last days? I'm not available.

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one feeling that way.

It was all too odd for my tastes, and I'm used to strange. I'm not even sure what world we were in at all.

I would like to ask some questions about you turning me into animals.

I don't think it's necessary.

You let me be turned into a dog and a rabbit.

And a mouse too if I am correct. and I recall turning you back to normal eventually.

That does not erase the part where you kept turning me into things.

I didn't drag you to this comm nor I dragged you to Hogwarst.

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Okay, and? You still told a bunch of teenagers to transform me into animals.

And you gave cigarettes to them. Your point?

One of them involves possible painful transformations and being stuck as a tiny furry thing and the other doesn't, Arthur.

I didn't force anyone to take them that didn't want them.

I didn't force you to teach at Hogwarts.

No, you just forced me to turn into animals.

In fact...you never said that you didn't want to do it. [True fact~]

No, I just bitched about it at every opportunity. [Dammit, Arthur. B|]

It's not the same. [>D] I complain about you calling me pet names, it doesn't stop you from doing it.

So, what I'm hearing from this is that you don't want me to stop calling you pet names.

You obvious hear what you want to hear, truth or not. Does it matter?

You said complaining about something doesn't mean you're asking someone to stop. Like how you complain about the pet names, dearest. Oh ho ho ho.

Did you just...wrote a laugh?

Are you aware of how absolutely ridiculous is that?

You are avoiding the discussion at hand, Arthur.

And: yes. Yes I am.

You are no longer a furry animal, stop complaining and stop calling me names. Better?

It's something, at least.

You will never ever be able to stop the pet names, lovey.

Ridiculousness is my way of functioning, pet.

[Not going to reply anything about that because >:|]

I really don't get why Cobb likes you.

Because Cobb doesn't have a stick jammed up his posterior.

And, despite what you think of my personality, I'm actually quite good at what I do for a living.

Oh, you checked?

That's probalby the only thing you are good at.

It's kind of obvious, darling, but I can if you're concerned.

You are seriously the most negative person I have ever met. You're like an eternal raincloud, you know that?

And you knwo a lot about obvious.

You needs to meet more people, clearly. And I like rain, thank you so much.

I think you're just attempting to say negative things just because you can, darling.

Dearie, I have traveled all over this great wide globe and met many, many individuals who I would call "negative". But you are the clear winner as far as being able to turn anything into an excuse to act like someone pissed in your cereal.

You know that cracked out school you were all at these past several days? That virus.

Or has no one filled you in yet?

I seem to suffer from memory loss all of sudden, Mr. Corinthian.

Denial will only get you so far around here.

But fine.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

What did you do this last days?

Of course not.

Worked. Spent a little time at the library for once. Nothing quite as exciting as whatever you didn't do, I'm sure.

Not at all.

Do you like to read? I did nothing as interestign as reading. Perhaps I had a tête-à-tête with Eames, but that's nothing new.

On occasion, sure. And did this involve not turning him into animals at a school you never attended?

What sort of literature?

Exactly, it involves none of those things. And we was not a chubby cute puppy, not at all.

Dark and bloody is always good.

I'm sure he appreciates that it never happened, then.

I should have expected that.

He's thrilled.

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....ffff laughing!Arthur. Ten points for me! \o/

Hey now, I can't be that predictable.

He sounds it. It looks like there's some hidden sadistic streak in there you're not telling us about, kid.

It happens form time to time :3 /gives points

Tell me that you like romance novels and soap operas. Now that would surprise me.

I was teaching the kids how to transfigure. he was the other teacher, therefore he was the test subject. Nothing else, nothign more. You don't want to see me being sadistic.

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