When your dreams go down, level up. Paradox.

Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?

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[Accidental voice post]
Sitting - awake
[There's the sound of clothes removed, and a 'cling' that sound like a metallic belt.]

At least the tattoo is gone too...

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[This is the sound of Eames letting out a low whistle at you, Arthur]


[A pause.]

[What was that? 8|]

Switch it to video!

Sadly, I'm probably never going to use this icon again

Eames? What..no.

[And he moves to hit the computer to turn off the sounds..accidentally turning on the video on. You got what you wanted after all. Arthur is shirtless, but wearing black pants. He looks pissed, but that's nothing new. And he does think that he turned the sounds off.]

I will appreciate it as much as I can while its here. /droooools ^3^

This is a very nice view I'm getting, darling. Never seen you shirtless before.

I'm glad you do :3 1/3

Oh, goddamn it! [He closes the laptop completely.]

[Brb getting dressed and still pissed.]

And you will never see me again.

I'll savor the image in my memories, then.

He was born that way, /o/ and we must enjoy it

I'm torn between feeling offended or flattered.

Yes, yes we must o3o Very very much

Go with flattered, you'll have less stress headaches.

/enjoysssssssssssssss 8)

I'm not so sure.

It's true! And it will make your day happier and brighter.

I very much doubt it.

You're back to normal too,I hope?

Edited at 2010-09-30 10:14 am (UTC)

Positive outlooks make for happier people, pet.

Yeah, I woke up as me and haven't shifted once, which is a suprisingly comforting sensation.

I never asked, how does it feel when you change? Does it hurt?

Nah, it wasn't painful. It was just...odd. It's a very odd sensation, suddenly having your viewpoint change because you're six inches taller or having to talk different because you've got a whole new set of teeth that you're not used to. And then it lasts three seconds before you have to readjust to a whole new appearence, and so it continues.

Sounds like it feels really strange. How difficult it is to learn how to forge?

To learn it...I dunno, I mean, I picked it up pretty easily. But I was able to get the hang of basic forging after a few months, but it took a few years before I was good at it. But I know some people can't do it even after years and years of effort.

Well, there's a reason you are the best forger. I guess it takes natural talent too.

That it does. I'm flattered you think I'm the best.

I might not agree with you most of the time but I don't make an habit of denying what it's true.

Ah, then I'm glad that's the case. You're not exactly a bad point man yourself, darling.

It would be problematic if I were less than the best.

True, true. We're not exactly in a business that leaves much room for mistakes.

No, even if lately working with Cobb has been...complicated.

How's that going, by the way?

It could go better, to be honest. But he won't talk to me and she keeps showing up form time to time.

She's showing up in the dreams? On assignments?

She takes special pleasure in blowing up our covers.

Oh, and shooting me.

Oh good God.

...maybe he should. I don't know, take a break if it's affecting him that badly? If it's getting to him on jobs?

She's also...not like she used to be. She looks just at wonderful as she always did, but there's that dangerous aura around her that only means trouble.

He's still the best extractor out there, we can't take that from him. Work is probably the only thing that keep him together.

Well, yeah, sounds about right if she's shooting you in the face. Wonder why her projection's so damn violent?

Yeah, but if it screws up work for him, it could get him into more trouble than he can get out of.

I worry more about her blowing up our plans than shooting me. I can't really die in the dream, but a job not finished give us problems. I'm not sure...it's perhaps grief.

I can't ask him to quit, Eames.

Yeah, and then the people that hired you get pissed and take out their anger. That's more what I'm worried about.

Not quit forever. Just a mental health break.


He is not the easiest person to talk with sometimes, you know.

Be careful.

I know. But it's not like it isn't necessary.

I'm always considerate. Thank you.

I know, I will see what I can do.

I know you are, but it can't hurt to remind you.

Okay, good. Let me know how it goes.


Ok, be sure of that.

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