When your dreams go down, level up. Paradox.

Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?

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[Accidental voice post]
Sitting - awake
[There's the sound of clothes removed, and a 'cling' that sound like a metallic belt.]

At least the tattoo is gone too...

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[This is the sound of Eames letting out a low whistle at you, Arthur]


[A pause.]

[What was that? 8|]

Switch it to video!

Sadly, I'm probably never going to use this icon again

Eames? What..no.

[And he moves to hit the computer to turn off the sounds..accidentally turning on the video on. You got what you wanted after all. Arthur is shirtless, but wearing black pants. He looks pissed, but that's nothing new. And he does think that he turned the sounds off.]

I will appreciate it as much as I can while its here. /droooools ^3^

This is a very nice view I'm getting, darling. Never seen you shirtless before.

I'm glad you do :3 1/3

Oh, goddamn it! [He closes the laptop completely.]

[Brb getting dressed and still pissed.]

And you will never see me again.

I'll savor the image in my memories, then.

He was born that way, /o/ and we must enjoy it

I'm torn between feeling offended or flattered.

Yes, yes we must o3o Very very much

Go with flattered, you'll have less stress headaches.

/enjoysssssssssssssss 8)

I'm not so sure.

It's true! And it will make your day happier and brighter.

I very much doubt it.

You're back to normal too,I hope?

Edited at 2010-09-30 10:14 am (UTC)

Positive outlooks make for happier people, pet.

Yeah, I woke up as me and haven't shifted once, which is a suprisingly comforting sensation.

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