When your dreams go down, level up. Paradox.

Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?

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Ehmph :[
Dom can no longer access the comm. Looks like this place decided to let him alone now that he is focussed on his kids.

I... can't do this on my own  I still need a partner ...I have a proposal for you.

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Seriously? Has he forgotten about it as well, or just can't get to it....?

Oh? I'm all ears.

He remembers a few things, but I think he started to forget about it. I saw this happen before here. It's probalby for the best, he wants a quiet life with his kids now.

The option of working as security dream is still on the table. I know that you are bored this days so I thought I could let you know.

Jesus. Well, I supposed you're right. Better he have less craziness in his life now that he's home.

...you're asking me to work with you on this? [Even though they've worked together before, he's genuinely surprised]

He deserves some peace.

I think I just did that, yes. [There's always a first time.]I need someone with talent for this. [Beat.] But Cobb said he's busy, so now there's you.

I...alright, sure. Sure, I'll do it. [Awww, Arthur. He's actually happier about this than he's letting on.]

Working on legal jobs for a bit can't hurt. [So it's Arthur~] Ariadne is graduating this May.

I suppose it can't hurt to not be a criminal for a little bit.

Ooh, and Ariadne's in on this as well? That's the start of a neat little operation, then.

It will be a good change.

She said yes, but first I want to make sure thsi is viable.

Excellent. Are you inviting anyone else onboard, or just this trio of misfits?

Just the tree of us. We don't need heavy drugs to work with one level dream, so we don't need a chemist either.

I'm sure Yusuf is weeping somewhere.

But I like that plan. Keep it simple and there's less room for conflict. And we already know the three of us can work together fine.

And caressing his cat. She will cheer him up.

At least for now. If you behave.

That is true. His cat can console him and his woes.

Oh, darling, you know I can only behave to a certain extent. And you love me for it~

I hope so, he deserve that at least.

And you know that in the dream wold I can dream up a huge hammer. Don't force me to turn our jobs into cartoons.

While the mental image of you as some sort of Wile E. Coyote type with an ACME mallet swinging above your head is hilarious, I promise to behave as best I can during work.

After work, all bets are off.

Oh yes, hilarious. I appreciate the comparison, I really do.


You were the one mentioning cartoons, pet.

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